Kilimanjaro Success Rate

The longer you stay on the mountain; your body gets adjusted to the higher altitude with a proper acclimatization rate

The Kilimanjaro summit success will greatly improve when you spend longer on the mountain. The more acclimatized you are, the less altitude sickness you may feel. It simply means the longer time you spend while Mount Kilimanjaro hike, the higher is your personal Kilimanjaro success rate.

Main factors that affect Kilimanjaro success rate

The consideration of Kilimanjaro routes is also important. You will always need to choose to climb high and sleep low. You should trek to the higher sections during the day and sleep on lower sections during night to allow your body to acclimatize. Here are few details of summit success rates according to KINAPA:

The Kilimanjaro success ratings for 5 days route is 60% – 70%.
For 6 days route will give you 65% to 70% success rate.
For 7 days route will give you 75% to 80% success rate.
For 8 days route will give you 80% to 85% success rate.
For 9 days route will give you 85% to 95% success rate.
And 10 days route will give you 90% to 97% Kilimanjaro success rate.

Mount Kilimanjaro success rate per route

Machame Route Success Rate

The Machame Route is the most popular route and has an itinerary of Machame route 6 days and Machame route 7 days. The routes have great climb high and sleep low profile, due to this the summit success rate is high. The Machame route 7 days give you 85% of Kilimanjaro Success Rate and 6 days will give you 75% of success rate.

Marangu Route Success Rate

The Marangu Route has two itinerary options; Marangu route 6 days and Marangu route 5 days itinerary. However, the 5 days itinerary will not give you more time for acclimatization. The Marangu route 6 days itinerary will give you better success rate with an additional day for acclimatization. The Marangu Route Success Rate of 6 days itinerary is 70% and 5 days itinerary is below 60% making it the lowest Kilimanjaro summit success rate.

Rongai Route Success Rate

The Rongai Route is considered to be one of the quietest routes in Kilimanjaro and has more option for acclimatization also. It has; Rongai route 7 days and Rongai route 6 days itinerary, making the 7 days itinerary more successful with 80% summit success rate and 6 days route with 70% success rate.

Lemosho Route Success Rate

The Lemosho Route is also one of the most popular Kilimanjaro routes with its beautiful panoramic views. It generally offers Lemosho route 7 days and Lemosho route 8 days itinerary. It also offers a great acclimatization with climbing high and sleeping low. The Lemosho route success rate for 8 days is 90% and Lemosho route 7 days has 85%.

Northern Circuit Route Success Rate

The Northern Circuit Route also starts from the western circuit of Kilimanjaro and traverses the longest itinerary of all the other Kilimanjaro routes. This Kilimanjaro route generally has a Northern circuit 9 days and a Northern circuit 10 days itinerary, both itinerary offers 95% to 97% Kilimanjaro climb success rate. This route would be the best option for all the climbers.

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