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Our humble beginnings in the hotel industry date back to 2004, when we first thought about building a hotel in Arusha. Many of our clients had saved money for years in anticipation of their first trip to Africa; “Why,” they asked us, “do so many hotels in Arusha opt for western styled décor with nothing showcasing Africa and hardly meeting the bare minimum of comforts?”. Thanks to their questions & suggestions, we created “The African Tulip”, now ranked the #1 hotel in Arusha on Trip Advisor for over 9years running with a brilliant team running it. Our mission was accomplished!

Soon after this we embarked on a new challenge to create a lodge in the rural, but breathtakingly beautiful, land of Karatu. Bordering the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The barren land inspired us to develop the already existing natural, raw beauty and turn it into something more: a Retreat, an oasis of sorts. Thus, the idea of “The Retreat at Ngorongoro” developed.

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